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Our (twat) story

Like all great ideas TwatTags didn't just happen over night. It has a genuine story specifically designed to tug on your heart strings, help you relate to our product and make you more likely to buy it.

  • 1 Select Twat
  • 2 Select Sticker
  • 3 Stick on Twat

Ever thought that person's a twat?
Gently place a sticker on their back and walk away...

The team at Twat Tags have combined insults and constructive criticism with the latest in sticker technology. Stolen from the Russians in 1963 and developed by NASA until late last week this technology allows for the discreet and secure application of your chosen insult.

That's me in the picture by the way, my name's Anthony, the inventor of TwatTags. And that's George, at the time totally unaware that he's got five TwatTags on his back. It's a first in history! In about one hour a girl is going to tell him he has something on his back but by that time he would have already gone to bar twice, with countless people laughing in his wake. We love George but he can be a bit of a Twat and it's always good to educate.

TwatTags are best with mates, we love our mates but let's face it, they're also twats. In fact the more of a twat they are the more we tend to love them and nothing quite says I love you like a TwatTag.

Perfect for:

  • Hen parties and stag do's
  • Drinking games
  • Office parties/Leaving drinks
  • Secret Santa

TwatTag Challenges

We’ve been having loads of fun using these tags and have come up with these top challenges. See how many you can get, compete against your mates or use as a drinking game.

Snap a photo. Send it to us or tag us in social media.
Best photos get tags, loads to giveaway.

All five on one person

If you’re finding it hard to get one on someone this challenge isn’t for you!

TwatTag a celebrity

FREE TAGS! Get a celebrity we know, send us proof and we’ll send you out 10 free packs.

TwatTag someone's front

Sounds impossible? We’ve already done it! There's a sweet spot close to their shoulders where they won't see it.

TwatTime 30+ mins

Harder then it sounds, watch out for do-gooders warning your mates

Catch a tagger

Keep your eyes open, catch someone in the act of trying to tag you and win this challenge.

Reciprocate your TwatTag

Got Tagged? Take it off and put it on the person that tagged you!

Get photographic evidence

FREE TAGS! Keep the memory, share with us, best ones get free tags.

TwatTag seen 50+ times

Each person makes it more likely you’ll get caught, 50+ and you’re a real pro!

Don’t check your back

Think you have one on your back? Is it worth checking and losing this challenge if there isn't one there?

They're awesome
Don't take our word for it!

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Party Pack

Each pack contains:

  • 2 x Enough Said!
  • 2 x I get drunk on one prosecco
  • 2 x I never buy a round
  • 2 x I fart like a trooper
  • 2 x I don't like TwatTags



Office Pack

Each pack contains:

  • 2 x I eat way too loudly
  • 2 x I make annoying tapping noises
  • 2 x I sit with legs wide open
  • 2 x I leave passive aggressive notes
  • 2 x I have bad hygiene



Transport Pack

Each pack contains:

  • 2 x I don’t take off my backpack
  • 2 x I block doors so people can’t get off
  • 2 x I can’t use a f***ing escalator
  • 2 x I look for my oyster card while blocking the gate
  • 2 x I don’t keep to the right



Bumper Party Pack

Each pack contains:

  • 3 x Enough Said!
  • 3 x I get drunk on one prosecco
  • 3 x I never buy a round
  • 3 x I fart like a trooper
  • 3 x I don't like TwatTags
  • 3 x I'm late for everything!